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Speed limiter Nigeria is a major installer and Federal road safety commission(FRSC) approved speed limiter vendor in Nigeria. We have years of experience in the industry and over the years we have been able to serve customers in different sector of the economy ranging from Transportation, Logistics, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing, Food and Beverages , Media and security within Nigeria and outside the country.

Our service ranges from installation of speed limit/speed limiter, Car tracking and fleet management solution. We are the very Best that clients are looking for. Get in touch with us today and you will be glad you did.

There are different types of speed limiter/speed limiting devices: Mechanical speed limiting device and Electronic/Electrical speed limiting device. Just in case you are wondering why how much is speed limit in Nigeria, then you need to contact us now for a detailed explanation on the price of speed limit devices
Speed limit device price: the price of speed limiter is defendant on market forces however we at speed limiter Nigeria our prices are very affordable and suite any budget. Be it a personal customers or corporate clients.
It’s no longer news that the enforcement of speed limit in Nigeria, has begun since Feb 1st 2017 so if you are yet to comply with the new directive to install frsc speed limit device, then you had been driving in the wrong side of the Law and your vehicle stand the risk of been ticket by FRSC. As you know, this is not good for your business operation. This enforcement of frsc speed limiter is majorly on commercial vehicle and be informed that FRSC together with other security agents are out fully to penalize offenders having given a good ample time for both personal and commercial vehicle owners to install speed governor also refer to as speed limit device in Nigeria.
There are lot of similarity in the choose of people researching for speed limit device for cars and speed limiter device for cars, the goal is to check out the best speed limit company in Nigeria and also ensuring that they get the best price for speed limit in Nigeria from registered frsc vendors for speed limiter.
There are numerous benefits of installing speed limiter in cars, it does not only stop at saving life , it transcend into a good number of economic gains that cannot be specifically state in interns of figures in naira and dollars , reason been that speed governor eliminates the consequent quantification of these cost. Below are some of the benefits of speed limit.


According to the report release by Federal Road Safety Commission(FRSC) Nigeria records 5,400 deaths in 12,077 road crashes in 2015.it was also revealed that over speeding contributed over 95% of the accident . Thus the introduction of speed limiter is already going a long way in reducing the incident of over speeding because when properly installed and calibrated by our team of well qualified technicians, no matter how much you speed, the vehicle will not exceed the speed limit already programed.

Having a speed governor installed in your vehicle reduces the cost of mentainance to over 50% because vibrational effect is reduced, the number of braking period is reduced, engine strain is reduced and general wear and tear of the vehicle is drastically minimized.

It’s is a common knowledge that the more you speed the higher the fuel consumption. And according to statistic, it was revealed that over 16% of fuel is saved when a static speed of 90km/hr. is maintained over a 1000km journey as against over speeding. Hence the need to fit speed limiter device for cars.

The cost of products lost as a result of over speeding cannot be over emphasize, it ranges into millions of naira on a daily basis, however following the installation of speed limiter its believe that this will save a lot of goods on transit and in turn save a lot of money and Life both for the owners of the vehicle and to the owner of the goods in turn.

When speed governor is installed the vehicle works in an optimal capacity, thus reduces the risk of emission of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases thereby reducing pollution and saves the environment.

Thanks for installing speed limiter in my vehicle,now i can rest and be assured that my driver cannot over speed .

Adewale Micheal

Principal , Vickstell School

This speed limiter is very very effective , no more over speeding and no more FRSC and police fear. Get us now

Chukwuma Ifeanyi


Thanks for installing car tracking in my vehicle , i can now sleep knowing my car is safe. Great security device

Fashola Seun

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