Reduces Accident Risk

Reduces accident risk, in the event that it occur damage is low

Reduces Loss Of Assets

Speed limiting device reduces losses attributed to over speeding

Saves Fuel Consumption

Vehicles consume less fuel,as a result of speed moderation

Positive Impacts on Driver

Speed limiter effective enforces discipline on drivers not to over speed

Low Maintenance Cost

Speed Limiter helps to eliminate tear and wear in vehicles

Reduces Running Cost

Speed Limit reduces running cost as result of minimal accidents

We Are FRSC APPROVED Speed Limiter Company in Nigeria.

Speed limiter Nigeria is a major installer and Federal road safety commission(FRSC) approved speed limiter vendor in Nigeria. We have years of experience in the industry and over the years we have been able to serve customers in different sector of the economy ranging from Transportation, Logistics, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing, Food and Beverages , Media and security within Nigeria and outside the country.

Federal Road Safety Commission(frsc) a leading federal government agency on Road Safety ,Traffic Monitoring and management has directed all commercial vehicle to install speed limiter also known as speed limit device on or before February 1, 2017 or be penalized for non compliance. This decision was informed following high rate of accident on Nigeria high way. Installing a speed limiter does not only make you law abiding but it saves you a whole lot of material and economic cost , including Life.

Speed limiter is an electronic device , that when installed ensures that you are driving at specified speed limit recommended by FRSC. it does not have any effect, on the performance of the vehicle what so ever , rather it enhances the overall performance as enumerated above on the key benefits of speed limiter.

Speed Limiter Nigeria offer the best installation and supply of speed limiting device as approved by frsc. Because of the sensitive nature of the device we have highly trained engineers/Technicians certified by frsc to ensure that your vehicles is properly installed and calibrated according to recommended speed by frsc . If you are looking for speed limiter company, and would like to have your vehicles installed call our sales team today for pricing and onward installation. Do not drive on the wrong side of the Law without speed limiting device installed.

What is Speed limiter/speed limiting device?

Speed limiting device : is an electro- Mechanical unit that is designed to control speed in a vehicle. when installed it ensure that you drive at frsc recommended speed.

How important is it ,to install speed limiting device ?

Very very important;
A speed limiting device is important in the following ways:
It helps to prevent your vehicle from exceeding the frsc approved speed limit
It helps to lessen the risk and magnitude of accident arising from over-speeding
It helps to keep vehicle fuel consumption low as against over speeding
It helps to lessen the impact of wear and tear on motor vehicles
It reduces maintenance cost generally and saves money

Why is the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) enforcing the use of the Speed Limiting Device?

One of the major causes of road accidents is excessive speed by motorists. over speed often results in avoidable accidents that claims lives and destroy economic properties. So to help reduce the incessant cases of accidents on our highways, the FRSC, security agencies in conjunction with other relevant agencies and stakeholders is enforcing the use of speed limiting devices by motorist in Nigeria, starting with commercial vehicles effective Feb 1 ,2017.

What is the deadline for the installation of speed limiting device in Nigeria?

The Deadline has ready begone since February 1, 2017. So call us to install yours today.

Are all vehicles required by the FRSC to use the speed limiting device?

Yes. All vehicles in Nigeria are required to install the speed limiting device. However, the FRSC wants fleet operators and commercial vehicles to commence the use of the device not later than Febuary 1, 2017. The deadline for enforcement of the policy on private vehicles would be announced by the FRSC in due course, private can install also for safety purpose and to be on the right side of the law ahead.

Is they any penalty for non compliance with this regulatory requirements?

Yes. There are penalties for non-compliance with this regulation and this may range from outright vehicle impounds to prosecution of the driver/vehicle owner. This can cause serious economic losses. Call us to install us today.

Does a speed limiting device affect the overall performance of a vehicle?

Technically No. All the device does is to limit the driver from exceeding the calibrated speed limit as approved by frsc.

How can I get a speed limiting device installed in my vehicles?

To request for a speed limiting device, simply contact speed limiter Nigeria(licensed dealers)
We will inspect your vehicle and recommend the most appropriate speed limiting device for it,
The device would be installed on your vehicle by speed limiter Nigeria(accredited agent),
Upon completion of the installation, the we will forward your vehicle data to the FRSC for installation certificate to be issued to you.

What do I do if accosted by officials of the FRSC on my speed limiting device?

Once accosted by officials of the FRSC, simply show them the certificate issued to you at installation and also feel free to co-operate with them if they request to inspect the device and take necessary readings from it.

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